Mentorship Program - Facilitator: Lisa Fulton
"We partner with families to build a spiritual foundation that will, in God's timing, lead each child to know, love, and obey God through Jesus Christ."
"The Trailblazers"
Strengthen, Enlighten and Equip marriages
Join the alliance of men and women in the "Five-Fold Ministries," for greater effectiveness in ministry.
Youth Praise and Worship
The vision (MEN OF VISION) is to strengthen men's ministries in area VIM churches by providing resources and opportunities for Christian men to practice Biblical truths.
Do you want to be ordained into ministry? Are you already in ministry and want to be ordained?
Team of Pastors assigned to assist in leadership.
Our Security Dept. is under the capable leadership of Brother Fred Kaniki.
Women of Vision - headed by Pastor Sarah Morgan who is the VP of Vision International Ministries and the wife of Bishop Peter Morgan.
We have several skillful, dedicated and Godly youth leaders that oversee the overall Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Mental development and growth of our Youth by the Grace of God.