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Barry Eugene G. Post
September 11, 2016
Greetings unto you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have come to know of your ministry through a beautiful colleague of mine at work. May God bless you both abundantly beyond measure for all that you do for the communities that you serve and delivering the inspired word of God. Please hold on to God's unchanging hand. The world as we know it is changing but I know that our God is in control and His words will NOT fall upon deaf ears. Thank you for all that you do and may God protect and guide you always in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Valerie B. Post
March 22, 2014
May God bless you and keep you always!! Very anointed, very moving, very blessed.I read your message on travail and apostolic and I have been blessed. Thank you. I ask that God blesses your ministry and all that you touch.
Thank you, Valerie Baker
Because I Care Ministry
Keeping C. Post
July 10, 2012
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Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 25, 2012
Hi every one do u guys believe in the word of God and his prophets? Do u doubt God or u believe He is able to do exceedingly aboundanlty above all u can ask or think? This my testimony, on sunday 5-21-12 after bishop was done preaching he said there were some people here in the church that the lord says they should give an amount of money in other for the needs of His house to be met so i bowed my head and started praying that God should touch the hearts of the ones he wants them to give because He know those who are able to give right now. So as i was praying i could hear people giving the amount God told Bishop to tell the people to give
So i told God l want to give but he knows that i need about twenty thousand to take my continuing education course and so right now every dime counts but l still want to give so he should convict me of how much l should give so i gave out of obedience which was not very easy to do but something happened the next week 5-24-12 l was deligently working on my job when my manager told me ADP wants to speak
With me it was regarding 3 checks that was due me since january which l thought were one of my regular direct deposit check so since i got those checks i just looked at the amount thinking it was a direct deposit check so l just folded it and put it away until ADP noticed that it wasnt cashed meanwhile i was geting ready to shred it with some other old direct deposit checks and some papers the next day pulse i would have lost that money because it is expiring next month but God been so good he didnt allow that to happen because of my obedience and i praise him for preserving that money for me and releasing it to me at the rigth time i needed it.Unto the Lord be all the glory for the great things he has done.

Hazel Y. Post
May 21, 2012
I thank God for the service this past Sunday 5/20/2012. My husband and I were coming from another service when we passed by Vision. He has started listening Pastor Morgan daily on the radio. He said let's stop. The praise and worship was wonderful, but the teaching on faithfulness was awesome. When Bishop was talking about Mary telling the servants " Whatever he (Jesus) tells you to do, do it" I could here God speaking to his people. That went straight to my heart. Then Bishop called me and my husband up for prayer and I am so grateful he rebuked all of the evil that was oppressing us. Although I did not fall out. I still received a touch. I could not even sleep. The anointing was upon me from the time he layed hands on me until around 11:00 pm that night. And in my spirit the words were still resonating. "Whatever he tells you to do, do it" That was powerful. I thank God for leading us there. The word is going forth with power. My husband really enjoys the radio ministry and I never saw him ever empty his wallet to give, when Bishop and Pastor Sarah gave us an opportunity to give. God has been dealing with me about seed so her words word confirmation in my spirit.

Stay in the vineyard,

Stay up on the summit Vision, Stay up in the tower Vision
Gaylean M. Post
May 16, 2012
Hello,this is my first time hearing about you bishop and mrs Morgan. I listened to the excerpts of some of mrs Morgan preaching. OMG,what an anointed vessel of the lord. Maybe one of these days I may visit the ministry. Thanks God for true men and women of God who are after the heart of God and His people.
Stella J. Post
May 14, 2012
Hi Bishop and Pastor and Prophetess Sarah,
I was among the crowd of the TRAVAIL 2012 Conference! Of "Radical Restoration”
Well I made a new friend at the conference who was as excited about the conference as I was. We were so excited about the messages and what was going on at the conference that for two days before the conference end we decided to extend our time in worship and praise and just sharing each other’s dreams and challenges. We believed and trusted that after the prophetic breakfast which was absolutely amazing, that the Lord had touched us and had given us power that He gave His disciples to go forth and do everything in His name and would be done. So as we were sharing on that night Saturday into Sunday after the conference in her room, I decided to put on some powerful praise music on my kindle and we danced around her room like little children. We were so happy we had joy that we had not experienced in a long time. My flight was leaving that morning at about 11:30am so I was not going to make it to attend the last day of the conference. I did not care I was not bothered at all i just knew that at that moment I was happy in the Lord and that I was imagining Jesus there in that room. I think we must have danced and worshiped the Lord for a good hour or so then I could feel that the Power of the Holy Spirit was so strong upon me it was awesome! The music played on and on and when it stopped I put on some more but toned it down and I was telling my friend that I was going to go ahead and go to my own hotel since I had to sleep even for a few minutes. That is when she told me that she had been tormented by some spirits inside of her. I did not even think twice I had never done this kind of thing before but I had been reading a lot on the subject prior to coming to the I asked her something like “have we not been empowered to deal with this kind of thing?” and she said “yes” then I turned and looked at her straight into her eyes and ask a question. “Who are you?” and what happened after that changed our lives. The demons inside of her began to speak!!!!! “I will not tell you!!!” Then I said in the name of Jesus I command you to say who you are!!! They said the names and how many and how long they were there. To cut the long story short three came out but two had refused to come out. The Holy Spirit lead me to get some water and I lifted it up and said In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and His Spirit moved upon the face of the waters and I said Lord Jesus who died on the cross for us turn this water into your precious blood!!!” I went to her and told her to drink but the demons said no!!! So I opened her mouth and poured the water in her mouth and they wanted to trick me to spit it out then I commanded her to swallow in Jesus name! and she did still they were still fighting to stay in there. The spirit lead me to get more water which I blessed and slashed all over her as she shivered and shivered making all kind of noises and the demons eventually came out. Then they said they would return but I commanded them to go back to the belly of hell where they came from and to never come back and declared all their paths would be blocked by the blood of the lamb and they left hallelujah!!!!! We were so excited! We worshiped God some more and thanked Him for the deliverance and I went back to my hotel with my head held high confident that I serve a living God!!!!!!He showed me his sovereignty and I will never be the same again!! Hallelujah!!! So I want to say that my friend and I, are a product of the radical restoration!!! Thank you for all your hard work it paid off and we are on fire for Jesus Hallelujah!!!

Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 16, 2011
Greetings and Love from From Br Ken Mulera. London
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 29, 2011
hello my name is elizabeth, actually i was a member/leader of a church in los angeles and i served at that church for 10 years, God told me that my assignment in that ministrie was up bt i prayed for more confirmation then i told the pastor and the Church prayed for me and released me. The Pastor is a wonderful pastor and he motivated me in my spiritual growth. As I was waiting on God to direct me to another ministry, vision international church came to my mind. i was asking myself, why this church in particular but only God knows. but i will obey because obedience is better than sacrifice.
Webmaster Post
June 16, 2011
Today is June 12, 2011 and I just got home from Vision International Ministries. I am writing my daily entry for my “life journal” as I have fondly named it, but today I am going to make this entry public. In the past I have blogged and commented online about politics, social injustices and consumer issues to name a few. Today, I am writing about an unexpected but well received spiritual experience I had at Vision International Ministries.

After meeting a very faithful member of this church and being mentored by her as a friend and a sister, I finally attended a service. From the time my son and I walked in the door, the welcoming atmosphere and religious enthusiasm of this church’s congregation made the visit much easier and very pleasant. Mind you, I had not been to church in many years and have never actually been a member of one at all. Several months ago, my sister invited me to join some of the women of the church on an outing to a movie. At that time, I knew I would one day visit this church. The respectful way in which I witnessed these women interact with one another and the sincere kindness they showed to me and my son, was a mirror image of what I experienced today. I had even gone to the website and listened to every possible recording online that was available to get a feel of the church leaders and their congregation. Those audios were powerful, but nothing like what I experienced in person. Bishop Morgan delivered his sermon with such intensity, that the words that exhaled from his mouth almost seemed to exhaust him of energy. It
was as though the church was breathing in sync with him and then refueled him with every Amen. He exhaled God’s word to the people, and his congregation inhaled. That was consistent with every word he spoke. I had a few uncontrollable bouts of emotion but one of the members was quick on the Kleenex tissue for me. I really appreciated that! My heart was full from the moment the church members were singing to the end of Bishop Morgan’s prophetic words.

I knew before going this morning that most churches had first time visitors stand and be recognized, but had no idea that I would be standing up in the front of the church being touched and prayed over. I found out after church that this was called anointing. I do not like to sound ignorant in any capacity, yet I have truly humbled myself to ask questions and broaden my religious vocabulary and understanding of the bible itself. I am glad that I have my sister to let me know what it is I need to know to truly live in God’s word. The way I felt when Bishop Morgan put his hand on my forehead and prayed with me, I honestly thought I had been “saved”. I had an unexplainable feeling of relief, protection and calm. This is feeling that I have not felt in a long time, especially all at once. I literally felt as though a burden had been lifted of my shoulders and left me in an unbalanced state. I do not mean unbalanced state of mind, because my mind was clear of all worries for that instance. I am referring to feeling so light on my feet, that tension in my body had been immediately released. I received this whole experience well. I did not have that usual skepticism that I and others have had about how the power of God can work through people like Bishop Morgan. There was no doubt in my mind, because I truly felt prayer in action and had to bow to it and let it “do what it do” because it really did!

I sat down in my chair and thought to myself…How arrogant can I be to think that God and Bishop Morgan got together and tailor made a sermon just for me. The arrogance went away and I accepted that the timing was right. I was supposed to come to Vision International Ministries today, June 12, 2011. I am very happy that I did! I even received a CD from one of the members that I thought was just a general CD that they give to new members. I now have audio that I can always listen to, dated June 12, 2011 that recaptures the whole experience, everyday of my life.

My definition of living right was – I did not kill, steal, lie on(with the exception of little “white lies”), abuse or neglect my child, ignore a plea for help from someone in need, if I could help. Treating people the way I want to be treated, minding my own business and pretty much staying to myself (socializing only when absolutely necessary and that was anything my child was involved in only). I was never a none believer. I love, respected, and feared God my whole life, but did not know what was fully required of me until I met my sister. Shirley Glasgow was open to sharing her knowledge of God and praying with me from the first day I met her. Her patience and diligence to share God’s word with me and making me understand that there was much more to being a faithful servant of God is what I appreciate most abut her. Her presentation was not aggressive or filled with guilt trips. She just read scriptures, and basically said here is the map now follow the directions. She stressed to me that you can not just follow the directions…you must have faith in God and believe. She has been showing me how to pray in Jesus name and what to pray for. Now that I have been to Vision International Ministries, I know why Shirley is the person that she is.

I have not yet had the opportunity to personally meet Bishop Morgan and Pastor Morgan, but I thank them both in advance for providing a place of worship so warm and welcoming. My son and I will be back next Sunday and every other Sunday possible. We have hopes to eventually become an integral and contributing member of their ministry.

Thank you!

Ericka Saunders (and Erron)
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