Prayer Request

Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 10, 2012
I'm attending the Church of God latter day Saint 'am i in right path or what.
martha g. Post
November 30, 2012
Pray for my husband to be heal in his mind.your need to surrender his will to the will of God.we have been marriage 29 years.and he goes to church not heard a word.and pray for Blessing our granddaughter healing in our body.
Daneel v. Post
November 10, 2012
Please pray for my and my family's wellbeing . That we will enjoy the good of the land and wear the best in the Land In Jesus Name. Please pray that my husband will get his R190 000 to because we want to sow into God's Kingdom. And that my business will expand and sales will increase so that we can invest into the Kingdom of God. Please pray for Lenie van Staden she has a boyfriend that emotionally abuse her . Please pray that the Lord will release of from this boyfriend Niel because she came to me and told me she cannot get out of his control . And she found out he is using devices against to control her. Please pray that the Lord will destroy this device he is using to control Lenie. Please pray that she will find a way out of his influence. And that the Lord will reveal to her what the enemy wants to do through him to her In Jesus Name. Please pray for daughter Nadine that she will not fall in the grip of the enemy In Jesus Name. Please pray for daughter Natalie that the Lord will give her the R 30 000 to go and study full time because afterwards she wants to give back to God In Jesus Name.
patience k. Post
October 5, 2012
Hello, Please pray for me that GOD grant me peace, joy and happiness in my heart cos i have lived a life of misery no job yet no one to support me, no marriage and no one is willing yet years are not favourable, financially poor all i get are just bad lucks in whatever i try to do with no success
michelle t. Post
September 11, 2012
pray god will heal my gas problems and the root cause of it and lead me to cures
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 16, 2012
I thank the Lord God for the trails & tribulations ihave gone through, its has brought me closer to him.I am requesting prayer for wisdom, protection,knowledge&understanding.i have been married for 7yrs august 26th,when i married me&my husband was on the same spiritual walk, altho he was a recovering addict of acohol&drugs i still married him because of his good heart and i loved him. during these 7yrs i have honor the covenant of God to stay in this marriage for better or worse in good times and bad. Well, because i love God sooo!much, these 7yrs have been the hardest relationship i have ever been in my life, i have been through verbal abuse, some physical and separation from my kids and family,my husband has been in&out of jail for his addictions hanging out in the streets overnite, cannot keep a job,&will not step up to finanicially contribute to this marriage the way a Man of God is supposed to do,when i talk to him about it or anything he gets emotional to the point of cursing me out an this has gone on for 5 of the 7yrs we have been together i have prayed &fasted every time he went to jail&was release i keep believing God, i was told at a conference that he is a God that does not lie,i know that more than anything, but i am having a problem understanding the hurt &strife i continue to go through waiting for him to be delivered & our marriage healed, right now i do not feel comfortable at home with him i never know if he is going to be drunkor high and i have to fight his demons or i have to leave home &stay at a friends house to feel safe &have peace.I want out but ever time i want to lock him out the house or move or even file for divorce, i go home &he is loving&kind but still not willing to go to a program or meeting to not just save himself but this marriage. I need prayer, i am so hurt &tired of praying for him &this marriage i need to feel safe and at peace, i do not know what to do.
LaTanya L. Post
August 16, 2012
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 23, 2012
I Have been dating for 2yrs after 1year we got engaged once engaged my partner started to demand sexual relations from me as a condition of compromise in the companionship, around 11/11 it began to grief me & so I started trying to avoid situations of us being alone, or him being at my home & vice versa, once that happen he began to verbally, abuse me & disrespect me & blamed it on me not wanting to have sex with him, as months went buy in Feb. of 2012 I discovered I was pregnant, at 1st he acted happy but quickly changed when I expressed 2him just because I was pregnant didnít mean I would go back to sexual sin, we both are Christian and know that it is wrong however he always uses " God Knows my heart!& accuses me of judging him cause I don't like the guilt I feel as an divorcee having sex & getting pregnant in front of my teenage daughter, he doesnít know I know it but there has been a lot of evidence that heís sleeping with someone else & at 4months pregnant he tried to force me to get an abortion, then he keeps trying 2force his will upon me although I just don't have the desire to sin against God anymore, I've prayed over it, he tells his family everyone heís engaged to me but his treatment of me is not one of a man engaged, at 7months he forced himself on me sexually and caused me to bleed, which caused my placenta to drop since then Iíve been put on bed rest & unable to work, which forces him to try & use it for leverage to keep asking me to perform oral sex on him which I advised I would not, heís very angry hostel and although we do not live together he forces his visit on me Iíve asked him to meet with the pastor for help dealing with his sexual desires that are out of control but he refuses I have not too long b4 I deliver but now he refuses to get anything I need for the baby because I will not perform oral sex on him since we canít have !@#!@#l sex & even if I could have !@#!@#l sex itís something I felt the need to stop because I received the gift of the holy spirit and spoke with tongues and I heard the voice that came out of me say I am a holy God, be holy as I am . I love him, and donít desire to raise a child without the father in our life or home, he tryís to say that if I withhold sex from him now Iíd do it when married and so heís not sure he wants to marry now, Iím asking God for wisdom, & am I being self-righteous now ? I'm not too sure what to do, I went to consulting at my church and the church mother advised me to get an abortion which I tried but I couldn't go through with it, she told me of a time she had one & how God forgave her? The conviction I feel or felt was greater than hers and I just couldn't do it. Now I feel like heís rejecting the child & me although he keeps pursuing me? I'm not sure at all what God would have me to do, within this relationship & am asking for wisdom,
Wisdom, finances and resources for my home while I am unable to work for the next 4months , the right new job, day care for new born that is safe & Godly, Godly women friends who share in my new convictions, and to be placed living and fellowshipping in the right local church. most of all that God would get the glory out of my relationship with my fiancťe, and place Godly men in his life to mentor and speak to him also, for us to find a different church home that can mentor us as a couple & family thank you
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 9, 2012
Pray that my sisters and I will be able to attend the 3-day Prayer Revival. Although we are all working in ministry, it seems difficult to get together with one accord. I believe that this revival will be a great breakthrough in our family, relationships, plans and ministries.
Jeanne F. Post
July 8, 2012
Please pray for a new job for me, and for the safety of my fiancť who is serving over in afghanistan keep him out of harms way, and send him home real soon, and for a Pkg that he is to receive may it bless him abundantly