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Tarina H. Post
February 9, 2010
I love you... more than words can ever say... Thank You for letting God use you both in such a mighty way...
Uwanda P. Post
January 22, 2010
I love you both Dangerously!
Uwanda P. Post
January 22, 2010
I watched this man and woman of God for several years before the Lord brought me to this minstry. I was spiritually crippled with a title. God used the Bishop and Pastor Sarah to bring deliverance, conversion, and healing to my life.
I am learning to be an excellent wife (I have an exceptional role model in Pastor Sarah) and I aspire to making my husband my first ministry.
Thank you both for not giving up on me. I await divine destiny in this House.
I love you both dangerously
Jordan K. Post
January 21, 2010
Hello Vision Family and the visitors of this site.

I can truly say that since I began my study of Christianity under the leader of Bishop and Pastor, my life has been greatly altered and for the better. Since 07 I have been a member of Vision.

This ministry saved my life but most of all saved my mind. I cannot articulate the words to express how grateful I am for this ministry. When I started attending the weekly services and the classes, I was going not because of the names, and to be seen and be put on a platform but because it was helping me to live, esp. Trees. No longer am I depressed, sad, none of that. At 21 I know that I destiny and calling because it was instilled in me. Thank you Bishop & Pastor for being the teachers that you are.

I came into this ministry DOA but now thanks to the Holy Spirit that truly flows in this house, I can say I am alive with a fire and a passion that I know comes from God.

I just want to say thank you for being my spiritual parents and family. I love everyone.
miriam o. Post
January 6, 2010
Hi Bishop, i bet this comes as a big surprise. I hope that you and the family are ok. I have been blessed by your teachings on "Me Virus", God bless you real good, cant wait for the next series of this teachings. I love you and miss you. My love to the family. Love Miriam, Sammy and the boyz. London.
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