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DeLois R. Post
April 26, 2011
God Bless you Woman of God!!! I Love you and pray for you and your ministry.I am believing God to bring your ministry to New York we need your type of teaching!!!
Jennifer B. Post
January 31, 2011
God bless you both! I really love your ministry and enjoyed the Women of Vision Conference back in 2009. I really pray that God blesses me to move back to Southern California and when He does I pray that I attend your church.

I enjoy your teaching, prophetic and apostolic mandate and anointing, boldness, and declaration of the truth of God's word. I pray that when I arrive that I'll be able to submit myself under that anointing.

Continue in the faith and the work of the ministry for it is NOT in vain and it NEVER will be in vain. Amen!
Rebecka W. Post
December 18, 2010
I love and miss u Bishop and Pastor're always in my heart forever and ever. May God continue to bless u both continuously.
shelter A. Post
December 12, 2010
Hi pastor morgan,keep up the good work u are doing in the lord's kingdom. his mercies are on those who preach his word to the world.peace and many blessings
Yvonne A. Post
November 22, 2010
Hi Mr. & Mrs.Morgan! I love you both dangerously!!! I appreciate you for you love and commitment to the body of Christ. Thank you for everything. Love always your spiritual daughter, Yvonne Agundez
margaretta g. Post
November 17, 2010
Thank you both for allowing me be a partaker of Gods grace and gifts.The gifts that in bloom in every operational ministry. This is what the CHURCH OF living GOD is thrstry for. Than you both for being a powerful witness for the Kingdom of God. For it's surely at hand.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 22, 2010
I came to your women of vision conference and I had the chance to listen to Judah Praise sing " we come against it all and the demons left me... praise God
Paulette S. Post
May 6, 2010
Greetings Bishop and Prophetess Morgan, I was blessed to be at the Women of Vision gathering for the first time from Houston, Texas. I was also humbled to talk to and take a picture with Prophetess. This rushing wind that came from you and Bishops mouth literally saved my life. I was dying in the dry land until you spoke, especially on the Spirit of Elijah and Ezekiel. I thank FATHER for your Anointing and teaching. I asked FATHER ,where in the world did you come from? Because you truly are not of this world. My time in the Holy Place was to Holy for words to express. I don't know what FATHER is planning for me but I know I will follow no matter what. Your Travailing cds were in my gift bag on registration, I just finished listening to them today at home. FATHER is so amazing, because Holy Spirit had me wait until I got back to Houston to listen and every question I had about intercession and purpose was answered. HE also told to read out of Ezekiel until HE tells me to stop. So much information and revelation. I am on a divine journey. Listening to Bishop, I thought,is this what Moses was like?(smile).Driving back thru the mountains really added the final most extraodinary touch to this connection in the Spirit. I love you both in the Glory of Jehovah and the Spirit of Jesus. The Sent One! SELAH
Michelle F. Post
May 3, 2010
Hi Bishop and Prophetess,
This was a mandate at Travail. No words could ever express what was brought forth in the spirit. Your both so amanzing and WHAT a spiritual father and mother you both are. This was my first year at your conference and I was so very blessed and empowered. Please keep my church in your prayers it is called Christian worship center located in North Hollywood CA. My apostle and prophetess are Jr and Deanna Gonzales. Please continue to keep them and our church in your prayers that the Kingdom will come forth in greater DIMENSIONS. Much and great love and honor for you both... Michelle Farias-Sylmar CA
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 14, 2010
May the Lord bless your ministry and lift you to the place He's destined for your life.

The song on your website ministered so much to me I just couldn't stop playing it.