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Spirits That Destroy Destinies of Men and Women
By Bishop W. Peter Morgan

Though 2008 began with great expectations in the hearts and spirits of we the believers yet from the middle of the year to the end marked the beginning of very tempestuous winds that would release upon the Body of Christ, forces, trials, temptations and challenges that would intensely test the faith of many believers. Clergy and laity alike were bruised in many ways through offenses, rejection, hurt, disappointment, exploitation, abuse, usury and gross unfaithfulness. Many could not get their wounds healed completely by the time we arrived at December 31, 2008. Many planned to quit serving God completely while others thought it was not necessary to commit themselves to any particular Church at all. Rather they would prefer to stay at home to serve God in their own way. These decisions, seemed right in the eyes of the decision makers however, there is no Biblical Validity to any of them. In the end all of them would lose unless the Lord himself stepped in Sovereignly to help them in the Christian Life and the challenges that accompany it. On 31December, 2008, just before the clock of time was to tick to usher humanity into 2009, the Holy Spirit, representing the Father and the Son in matters pertaining to Heaven and Earth spoke to the Church about what will happen in 2009 and beyond.


2009 will be a year of "Birthing and Judgment". A woman needs energy, strength and good health to be pregnant and throughout the entirety of the pregnancy. At the time of delivery, the same energy, strength and good health is needed to deliver a healthy, un-deformed baby and with great safety. Therefore the Holy Spirit declared to the Church that the first quarter of 2009 will be dedicated to mending, molding, healing and making whole the believer before starting to birth. "TO BE MADE WHOLE TO BIRTH". This healing process will not happen without the good effort of the believer. The complete Healing will require an Absolute Adherence to the Word of God and a Transparent Admission of Sin and Error in ones life.


We must run the Race of Life and win. Destiny is given and God wants us to fulfill destiny. The believer must enter his earthly Canaan no matter the challenges and the battles on the way. If we would only look up to the Lord we would make it just as the Obedient Israelites made it. REBELLION WILL DO US NO GOOD.

The Church's attention was seriously drawn to certain spirits we should be careful to avoid in order not to abort our destinies. The first book of Corinthians Chapter 10:1-12 was the scriptural reference [Please take time to study and meditate on each verse until you thoroughly understand it].


First of all permit me to give you the dictionary definition of "DESTINY" before I proceed to sequentially give you the five [5] spirits that can destroy or abort your destiny with some latitudes of elucidation.



Therefore as people created by God, we would then say that destiny is God's purpose or end to which we were created. God's unavoidable fate for our lives. [God meant for us to fulfill our destinies, He placed in each and everyone of us what it would take for us to fully accomplish our destinies]. God does not and will not abort our destinies,we rather do so to ourselves. Destiny is God's necessity for your life and my life. Without it life is unfulfilled and unwholesome.

What hindered other people from fulfilling their God-given destinies can hinder you and I if we are not careful. Remember, destiny is determined by God alone and not by man. Not by our parents or by virtue of our race, color, creed, nationality, nature of our birth or background.

Let us look at the five [5] spirits that the Israelites associated themselves with which stopped some of them from reaching their promised land------- Canaan.




                   4.TEMPTING CHRIST



Canaan land, how does it apply to your life and my life? Canaan land has always been God's symbol of mankind's maximized potential. Canaan is the place where God's promises are fulfilled in our lives------the place where God maximizes the potentials of his people both individually and collectively. And it affects their spirits, emotions, minds and bodies------their marriages, children and professions. Canaan is a place of establishment, peace, prosperity and maximum accomplishment. God, in the Old Testament days wanted the Israelites to live forever in Canaan after he has delivered them from bondage. They were to live there in "faith" so God would fulfill his promises to them.

God wants the same for you and I today. Canaan is real------- your destiny is real and planned by a REAL GOD.

God wants men and women to have Canaan land marriages, businesses, healthy parental relationships and educations. Yet men and women today are not maximized in their marriages, businesses and relationships----- people with unfulfilled potentials. THAT COULD BE YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW.


Now let us look at each one of the five sins of Israel in the wilderness.


LUST........ This lust here is not necessarily sexual lust only. This is the kind of lust that is based on satisfying self at the expense of God and other people. It is paramountly what self wants. This is the satisfaction or gratification of the flesh. Love is of God, and true love is always giving. God's love desires to satisfy the object of His love. John 3:16. God is love and love gives. Love is patient  and always waits. But lust wants to get. It is basically selfish. Love gives whereas lust only gets. Lust is impatient and cannot wait. Lust sees only now. Love sees afar. Lust has no understanding and is shortsighted. But love is longsighted and has great insight and understanding.


The Israelites craved what they had in Egypt. Their feet were taking them to Canaan and yet their hearts kept going back to Egypt. They wanted to be in the new land yet they would not let go completely the old land. Just like Lot's wife in the Bible. They were lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.

You can tell in our day when a man or a woman is loving or lusting. They desire to satisfy themselves at the expense of the other. Lust chooses to violate God's ways and plans. A married man can lust his wife sexually when he only cares about satisfying himself. A young man can profess love for an innocent girl only to find out he was lusting when he leaves her to face pregnancy alone and fearful. When a woman makes up many bills for her husband who finds it difficult to pay, is not loving but lusting.

Proverbs 6:23-29, 32-35.


IDOLATRY... Is a value system that we create, and in which we esteem something to be more worthy of our devotion than to God. Power, prestige, education, money, business, position, religion, prosperity, ego, pornography... Can all become idols. A television set can become someone's idol. All pornography is idolatrous because it's based upon man's ability to create a fantasy or image in his mind which satisfies him and to which he can wholly devote himself. Idolatry keeps men from being maximized in their potentials. Personally, maritally, professionally and spiritually.


FORNICATION..... Fornication is having a sexual affair with a man or woman that is not legitimately married to you. Fornication is very popular and sexual promiscuity is acceptable everywhere today. Even in the Church. Many a men today including women cannot develop the potentials for their manhood and womanhood because of their repetitive and chronic sexual sins. Both single and married men and women...young and old are subject to the desires, appetites, passions and temptations that take their toll and prohibit them from becoming what God intends for them to be. Men's ministries are undeveloped or lost completely. Men's characters are undeveloped, weak or bankrupted completely. And so are women. It's only over- comers that will reign with Christ the Lord. Over-comers are Godly achievers. They achieve or win only by THE WYAS AND METHODS OF GOD. Not BY THE WAYS AND METHODS OF MEN OR THE WORLD. The Israelites who committed fornication died in the wilderness, and never stepping on the soils of Canaan. Men still die in their wilderness, bogged down in a moral morass, missing God's best for their lives. God did not plan so for them and He has not planned so for you and me either.

Proverbs 5:3-13, 15-23.


TEMPTING CHRIST..... Tempting Christ is demanding that God does what is contrary to His Will or inconsistent with His Character. We are doing the same thing today. Lying and cheating in business, in paying our tithes and offerings, faking our tax returns to get more money and yet demanding that God blesses and prospers us any way, is tempting Christ. Men and women not living right though they know it's wrong, children rejecting the Godly counsels of parents and elders, congregations demanding the Pastor builds the Church on social programs rather than on the Word of God, Prayer and the Holy Spirit, or believers wanting to enjoy the benefits of salvation and pleasures of sin at the same time are all tempting Christ. It kept Israel from Canaan and in our days, it's keeping men and women from their Canaan.


MURMURING..... Simply means negative confession.

Complaining, criticizing, faultfinding, rumor- mongering, gossip, tale-bearing, character- assassination. These are all classified as murmuring. God hates people like these. God hates slanderers, blasphemers, and revilers, dissension sowers and HE wants us to deal with them with utter vehemence and discipline. Look at 1 Corinthians 5:11. [I suggest you read from the Amplified Version]. "How great a matter a little fire kindleth." James3:5 KJV. The tongue is like that. Small remarks, sharp and cutting comments, sarcastic jibes, eventually create roaring bonfires of hatred, warfare and enmity. Destroying relationships, marriages, friendships, Churches and Ministries, leaving nothing but red-hot ashes [embers]. Men and women murmur about their companies and their bosses and wonder why they are not promoted. They murmur against the Church, the Preacher and wonder why their breakthroughs are not coming and their children and loved ones do not respond to the gospel. Luke 20:19-20.

They murmur against God's Word, take offense when they are counseled and corrected by God's Word or Godly men and women and then complain when they do not see faith, growth, stability, contentment, progress and maturity take place in their lives.




If you have thoroughly understood this message/admonishment and are committing, adultery, fornication, incest, homosexuality or lesbianism, or habitual masturbation, indulging in pornography, gratifying yourself with sexual fantasies or any other sexual sin such as oral or anal sex, I COMMAND YOU IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH TO REPENT AND BE RESTORED TO A RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD THE FATHER BY BEING RECONCILED THROUGH JESUS CHRIST AND THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT NOW!




God richly bless you and give you the grace to do what's right in His sight and in the sight of your fellow human being from this moment onwards.




Transparent honesty, genuine purity, manifested clarity and unsullied innocence.

It describes one who does not fear thorough examination of his motives and intents, because he or she has nothing to hide. Let's strive to be sincere in all our dealings.


By Bishop Peter Morgan.


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