Wisdom Corner

True Wisdom Rules Where

(Scripture REF: Prov.8:12-36 and James 3:13-18)

  1. Knowledge is the foundation of Wisdom. God is knowledge and formed all things through knowledge, including the creation of man.
  2. Knowledge is acquired facts and truths; Whilst wisdom is the fruitful or profitable utilization of such acquired facts and truths. To have knowledge without understanding is vile and dangerous.
  3. Wisdom is developed through knowledge and the depth and quality of one's wisdom is determined by the depth and quality of one's knowledge.
  4. One cannot be promoted beyond the knowledge that he/she has: - hence a man's gift makes room for him and brings him before great men.
  5. When one has no knowledge, one can have no progress: - little knowledge, little progress, much knowledge, much progress.
  6. You are worth nothing and you know nothing until what you know and what you are worth blesses or benefits someone. You cannot commend yourself, someone has to do it. If no one buys what you sell - or your services, you are not fit to be in business.

The Word of God is wisdom. Divine revelation is the Word and Wisdom of God, and pure religion, and undefiled is built upon it. God, by His Word instructs, and governs, and blesses the children of men.

Jesus, the Redeemer is the eternal Word and Wisdom. the LOGOS. Jesus is the LOGOS, the Written Word. Jesus is the Wisdom who is in and behind all that God the Father created. The Word, who originally wasSpirit, but became flesh and touchable can be revealed to us only by the Spirit of the Father and God of the Word.

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